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Economic Development

WES has 15 years of real estate development and construction through its founding partner and is AAA by the Better Business Bureau for the last 10 years. WES will partner with any Indian tribe, band, group, or nation(including Alaska Indians, Aleut, and Eskimos) or Alaska Native village which has established a relationship to the Federal government as defined in the program regulations.

Tribes and Tribally Designated Housing Entities can use Section 184 financing to:

  • Address the housing need
  • Increase housing opportunities on and off reservation
  • Develop tribal assets
  • Rehab existing units
  • Provide flexibility in types of housing available to Members

Section 184 Advantages

  • Loans can be manually underwritten by approved lender Interest rates are based on market rates
  • Low Down Payment
  • 1.25% if $49,999 or less*
  • 2.25% if $50,000 or more*

For individuals:

  • 100% of down payment can be from a gift
  • Can use non-traditional credit sources

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