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Energy Sovereignty
Local site and controlled renewable energy offers Tribes the opportunity take control of their energy resources, keep local dollars in the community, and reap the long-term environmental and economic benefits of their investment.

Solar Project Financing
Funding for solar projects on tribal lands has largely come from government sources such as state and federal grants and incentives that are limited in scope and rarely cover full project costs. WES can both help fill funding gaps to bring projects to fruition and catalyze new opportunities for tribes to innovate around their energy needs.

Short-term, project-specific funding including structural issues and project costs.Longer-term funding to support larger scale solar deployment in Tribal communities. Incorporating solar into existing funding opportunities for related programs, including workforce development and energy efficiency.

Job Creation
World Energy Services also serves the people by CREATING JOBS. We have the ability to pass along our knowledge through our training programs to the people who need it most. Furthermore, we can create strong and consistent streams of revenue for any Tribe as well as income for their work force.

Solar Design, Build, Installation & Operations and Maintenance
We offer custom system designs, flexible financing options, and speedy installations.

Microgrids & Peak Shaving
Microgrids can be beneficial in applications where tribes experience frequent power interruptions due to poor infrastructure, remote locations and natural disasters.

A microgrid and peak shaving is a local energy system that incorporates power generation, energy storage and demand all within a confined and independently controlled network.  Microgrids may or may not be connected to the grid and often have the ability to operate in both grid-connected and island mode.
We design and use smart controls to allow microgrids to manage load variability and increase energy efficiency.

Our proprietary peak shaving technology and design is used to reduce electrical power consumption during periods of maximum demand on the power utility

We look forward to serving you by understanding your needs and goals and do so through our THREE H approach: “hands on” , “hard work”, and “honesty”.

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