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The uses are limitless with our grow systems. It can be utilized for farmers and ranchers on an individual or mass scale.

  • Our hydroponic design methods produce the most luscious and viable Fodder.
  • We hold proprietary system design, hardware, and software which enables us to produce consistent high yields.

Our hydroponic system benefits:

  • A six (6) day growth cycle, a leading edge in the industry.
  • Uses 95% less water than a typical outdoor farm with similar yields.
  • Energy efficient and adjustable components use less than 30% of the energy of a large soil-based farm with similar yields.
  • Less than 5% crop loss means consistent yields for customers year round.
  • The crop looks very much like sod without the dirt and we call it a “biscuit”

In a 40’ HC container 193 ft2 (2,440 ft3)​
WES grow system can produce *42 Ton of feed
as 5 cultivated acres of alfalfa

In a 40’ HC container 193 ft2 (2,440 ft3)​
WES grow system can produce *42 Ton of feed
as 13 cultivated acres of hay

WES Fodder uses only ONE SIXTH the power
to produce 20 lbs of feed in comparison
to typical dry hay farming

No tractors, swathers, rakes, balers,
squeezes, irrigation pumps, or hay storage

No fertilizer, pesticides, or herbicides required

*Assumes a 90% yield efficiency in grow system


The WES Integrated Growing System™ is: portable, self contained, temperature controlled. The internal components consist of an HVAC Unit, an Led lighting system to simulate light and darkness, and a PLC automating the closed loop systems of air, water delivery/reclamation/sterilization as well as the advanced and ultra-efficient air filtration system – integrated with innovative growing racks.

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